Edward Mabo Case Study

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Edward Mabo is renowned throughout Australian culture as a leader, a leader who fought against the xenophobic system, for his rights as a person and culture, and won. But his journey to fight for his rights had its difficulties. Opposing issues of discrimination, as well as forces who tried there hardest to silence Mabo. It was these issues and set backs that motivated Mabo to achieve his goal. It was the lack of action and care for his ‘people’ that drove Mabo to fight for his and his people’s freedom from cheap labour exploitation, racism and corrupted ownership of land. It was ultimately the success of Mabo’s case, which pushed through the change needed in Australia.

The Motivations that pushed Mabo to fight for land rights

Eddie Mabo thought that the best years of his life, came from growing up on Mer island, the island to him, was his safe place, away from the troubles of poverty and the xenophobic nature of the Caucasian culture of Australia, a place that was filled with a recognizable culture and language, a place where the community were caring and selflessly helped one another. On the island, life truly was a paradise, people didn’t need to worry about feeding each other, as the island provided that comfort, people didn’t need to worry about housing, as the land belonged to the people, or so they thought.

It was in the year 1972 that Eddie Mabo, discovered from his friend Noel Loos, that the land that he and his people thought they had owned had belonged
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