Edward Mars Dbq

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Homicides are unlike many others, since one’s intentions are discrete as soon as they have a reason to murder. Threatened obligations are innumerable due to the character's personality and their way of thinking into certain circumstances, although a distinct detail can affect the situation. When little to none consequences have any impact to the “murderer” who caused victim's injury, or death, they are responsible regardless of what their intentions are. For instance, a distressed officer, U.S. Marshal Edward Mars, pleaded to end his miserable life due to the pain he was suffering from the shrapnel. Everyone in the camp suggests the cruel deed. Even though Jack reluctantly disagrees. Nevertheless, Sawyer performs the dreadful act himself, though…show more content…
Marshal Edward Mars was impaired, while the plane collided midair, landing in the open beach. Closely following Document C, a shrapnel propelled in a disarranged order in his abdomen, while remaining unconscious after all the wreckage. However, the situation gets even worse as Marshal is internally bleeding as soon as his organ starts shutting down. Marshal thought accordingly and desperately wanted to end his life, but cannot do it himself, while barely recovering from the shrapnel. According to Document A, there are conditions of first degree murder and second degree murder if Marshall were to indeed end his life, even though if it isn’t deliberate, which is similar to malice aforethought. Sawyer certainly did try to “murder” a dying man, but missed and punctured his lung, consequently creating his endless suffering worse. Nevertheless, Jack then seized the opportunity and relieved the crowd by ending the painful moans Marshall kept on making. The law addresses that is legal for a doctor to end a patient’s life if the patient requests to. In this case, Jack has intentionally decided to end Marshal’s life, after all. In this situation, it would be homicide, because Jack’s intentions were not to cause harm physically and mentally, but rather assisted suicide, which leaves a charged felony. Was Marshal murdered after all? Yes, second degree murder, assisted suicide after Sawyer tried to shoot him through the heart. However, the option was rather not a civilized choice,
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