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Edward Miner Gallaudet (1837-1917) Edward Miner Gallaudet was born on February, 5, 1837 in Hartford, Connecticut. He was the youngest of eight children to Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet and Sophia Fowler. Edward and his family are known for their efforts in the education for the deaf in the United States. In some cases their efforts were seen as actions of lunatics because popular belief was that all deaf people could never be as smart as hearing people. Following his father’s footsteps, Edward Miner Gallaudet worked as an educator and administrator for the first higher institute for higher education deaf, Gallaudet University, which he helped established and named in honor of his father. He is also known for fiercely supporting manualism, the method of teaching the deaf by using signed language, His support of manualism caused him to frequently find himself in opposition to …show more content…

Edward Gallaudet’s work into the creation of Gallaudet University has led to the education of thousands of deaf people along advancements and progress in fields related to hearing status, both scientifically and socially. Almost all of Edward Gallaudet’s family have been pioneers for deaf education in America. His father, Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet was the man that brought American Sign Language to America and started deaf education in America. His mother, Sophia Fowler-Gallaudet, as a deaf woman, was a key part of lobbying Congressmen in the effort to establish Gallaudet University. His brother, Thomas Gallaudet was an Episcopal priest who worked with helping the deaf. The only exception was Edward’s son, Edson Fessenden Gallaudet, who was a pioneer of aviation, partially inspiring the Wright

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