Edward Murrow: Moral Courage In My Connotation

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Moral Courage in my connotation, is the ability to act truthfully and wholly just in the midst of turmoil, as well as unpopular public opinion. I find Edward Murrow to be a prime example of moral courage. Edward Murrow was a reporter during the McCarthy era, as well as the host of the NBC show “See it now.” Edward Murrow took on a seemingly corrupt government in the name of justice as well as the preservation of the proletariat, despite the government being his own. Edward Murrow has shown plausible measures of moral courage from attacking McCarthy, as well as offering an airing of his rebuttal. Through Murrow position as the host of See it now, he begins an attack on the hypocrisy of McCarthys trials with lack of evidence. In his attacks of McCarthy, Murrow exposes himself to a counter attack by one of the most feared men in America during the time period. Through exposing himself to his attacks in the name of…show more content…
In airing the Radulovich show, advertisers, aluminum in particular, withdraw their advertisements costing CBS millions in profits, Murrow and Friendly will be forced to pay the show out of pocket. Again, going against popular opinion and taking on enemies larger than himself in a rather David vs. Goliath way, Murrow displays moral courage in funding his show to fight injustices and bring forth the truth and justices America was founded on. Edward Murrow shows many gallant displays of being a morally courageous individual, particularly courageous in the name of justice. I find fighting a battle knowing your career is on the line, and going up against life destroying odds in the name of justice to be a clear indication of heroism as well as moral courage. I challenge you to put yourself in Murrow's position and perhaps learn to be a courageous individual
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