Edward R. Murrow And Joseph Mccarthy During The Cold War

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Edward R. Murrow strongly disagreed with Joseph McCarthy, a Republican Senator who used his political influence to create a Red Scare of communist influence in the U.S. government during the Cold War. Murrow said, “Anyone who criticizes or opposes McCarthy's methods must be a Communist. And if that be true, there are an awful lot of Communists in this country". McCarthy responded by drumming up support on the home front for participation in the Cold War by using his political influence during the McCarthy-Army hearings. Joseph McCarthy. Americans greatly feared communism for the simple fact that they did not want a communist class system for America and perceived the Soviet’s as a direct threat to the American way of life. Like Murrow, other Americans disagreed with McCarthy’s approach; even more they disagreed with U.S. involvement in the Cold War. The Student Peace Union (SPU) was one of these organizations, that represented an anti-war voice in America, pushing for fewer nuclear weapons in U.S. stockpiles and Soviet stockpiles. Americans, whether they agreed with McCarthy or SPU, feared Soviet dominance in the world and needed to have confidence that on the homefront that felt secure and safe. This feeling of safety and security was accomplished through McCarthy’s campaign and mass media appearances, such as the one on Murrow’s broadcast the evening of __February 4, 1954__.…show more content…
One of those being accused of being a communist was Edward R. Murrow. Murrow disagreed with McCarthy in how used the Red Scare to scare people, and that was when McCarthy considered him a

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