Edward Scissor Hands Analysis

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Dark Paradise
On a smoky hill a huge mansion a man lived, he was isolated and alone. He was unlike any other man he was a creation of a Zany scientist. He had emotions as any other human and had the same body structure one thing was missing though, he had no hands. The scientist died before he could finish his invention. Instead of hands Scissors replaced the gap where hands should be. In the town just below the mansion a woman lived her name was Peg she sold cosmetic products. She sold her products to her neighbors, none of them wanted to buy from her. One house was left in the neighborhood and that was the mansion that lay on the hill above. She went up to the mansion to find a man living in the attic of the mansion. She found out his name was Edward from director Tim Burton’s Edward Scissor Hands. Tim Burton often uses tragedy and humor in his movies, Edward Scissor Hands is no exception. His films offer dark, twisted story lines with choral music and dark lighting it plays in with Burton’s unique style. Burton’s Gothic style includes the use of music and lighting to convey being different is not queer or eerie. Burton uses these cinematic techniques in Corpse bride notably.
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Notably in Edward scissor Hands low key lighting is used. An example of this is when peg first walks into Edward’s mansion low key lighting is used to portray an eerie feeling. The audience is given an uneasy feeling with this lighting. This is similar to when Tim Burton uses low key lighting in the corpse bride. When Tim Burton first shows Emily, low key lighting is used to make Emily look horrifying and intimidating. The audience sees Emily creeping out of the depths of the ground trying to grab Victors leg. The lights are dim and you can’t see what’s happening, you are in suspense to see what happens to Victor. Tim burton uses lighting to get across what he wants his scenes emotions to feel
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