Edward Scissorhands Analysis

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Edward Scissorhands is a masterpiece of creative shots and angles, music and lighting the combination of these three created a beautiful story line that relates to the real world. Directed by Tim Burton with an amazing cast Vincent price playing Edward as the main protagonist. The shots in Edward Scissorhands are some of the best shown in cinema with a creative angle.
The movie Edward Scissorhands is about an outcast to society who is unfinished yet manages to find love even with the struggles of being an outcast. The director Tim Burton is known for directing horror love stories while opening eyes to the problems of society. The scene shows Edwards creator giving him an early Christmas present, his hands but before the inventor could replace Edwards scissor hands he suffers from a heart attack and Edward is left alone. The compositional elements that make this scene effective are the use of music and pov shots that really put the viewer in Edwards prospective.
The Inventor face is in the middle of the shot showing his emotion and excitement when presenting Edward his new hands. The inventor is old. He is happy at the beginning of the scene. He is wearing formal clothes and his hair is grey and slicked back. The Camera shows the inventors emotion and excitement while not showing much of the background. The Inventor is excited to give Edward his new hands. Takes place in a mansion on a hill in a town called suburbia around Christmas time in the inventor’s laboratory in the
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