Edward Scissorhands Film Analysis

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Edward Scissor-Hands Draft The film Edward Scissorhands was directed by Tim Burton, it is about a man with scissors hands who struggles to feel acceptance and belonging, unfortunately he lives in a perfect community where they don't like change and find it hard to accept him as a person. In the film, the community was quick to reject and take advantage of him because of his unique ability which led to isolation and the community singling him out. Society quickly judges and disregards Edward Scissorhands because of his differences. Society was quick to take advantage of Edward Scissorhands. The community took advantage of his ability and lack of economic understanding. Once the community realised that Edward could cut hair and shape trees,…show more content…
Edward Scissor hands is isolated and singed out numerous times in the film. At the very beginning of the film, there is a shot from the castle showing the community down below, as it starts to zoom out there is a dark character looking over the town. This shows that Edward is isolated and abandoned from the rest of the community. In the film there is a panning shot of the dark and gloomy hill where the castle is in juxtaposition to the colourful and perfect town at the bottom of the mountain. This camera shot shows makes it look like the castle is abandoned and that no one has been up there in many years. When Peg made it up the hill to the mansion she stared at the large iron gate that was acting like a barrier between Edward and the rest of society. The low angle shot as Peg walked up to the gate made it seem bigger and scarier. Society are quick to judge people who are different. Edward Scissorhands is a strange individual with a unique ability which causes society to reject and isolate him. Society treat people who are different unfairly and inhumanely. Over all, Edward Scissorhands shows how necessary it is for everyone to have equal rights and to have a sense of belonging and being accepted by
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