Tim Burton's Movies: Charlie And The Chocolate Factory

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Tim Burton creates movies for kids, in which one main character has scissors for hands, and another main character whose parents have left him. Crazy, right? This is done so he can appeal to more audiences. Tim Burton’s movies often appeal first to kids. The movies use creative lighting and colors, entertaining main characters and songs that are catchy and memorable. If the movie appeals to kids, often a parent is watching too and he doesn’t want them to get bored. Tim Burton uses close ups, crane shots, music, and high/low key lighting to create multilayer movies that appeal to all ages. Tim Burton uses close ups to show elegant details about a specific object in his movie. From Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Willy Wonka would be…show more content…
From Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Tim has the camera looking up top at the factory and then swoops down and looks around the village. He does this to set the tone of that specific movie. He wants to show that the movie will be a little darker than it may seem. Likewise in Edward Scissorhands, he had the camera swoop in through the neighborhood to show how colorful it was. The movie seemed happy until it gets to Edward who is made from all dark material and not a very jolly person. This is to show the multilayers in the movie. Also from Nightmare Before Christmas, the camera is on top of the forest and then flies in through a hole in the trees and looks at individual trees that are painted for many of the common holidays. In the background the setting is a little darker though to show eeriness. Burton uses a crane shot set his tone and also uses music to help make that tone more…show more content…
From Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, during the movie the Oompa Loompas sing a memorable song each time a kid does something that takes them out of the competition. He does this so kids watching the movie don’t get scared and to make the movie a little happier. Furthermore, in Edward Scissorhands, the music throughout the movie is upbeat like a church choir. Again this is for kids to help cope or disguise the darker meanings of the movie. As well in Nightmare Before Christmas, the characters sing songs that are very catchy and go along with the mood. From the catchy songs to the fun yet spooky characters, Tim uses music to add more meaning to his story and uses high/low key lighting to provide emphasis on the

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