Edward Scissorhands Movie Essay

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Tim Burton popularly known around the movie industry and across the globe for having the most dark and quirky films of all time. From his 1990 classic Edward Scissorhands to his remake of a classic Charlie and the Chocolate factory. Keeping your eyes glued and focused on the screen is his main goal throughout each of these movies. To fabricate this essential ingredient Burton uses non diegetic sound, camera angles, and lighting to captivate the audience’s imagination and create an unrealistic atmosphere that only he himself can create. Non-diegetic sound used in Edward Scissorhands is used not only to establish the characters but also, to elucidate their surrounding relationships with others. As seen in the very first scene of the movie where the music is happy and joyful to make the town seem “perfect”. Once Peg walks up to the castle and looks upon the dark mysterious structure, suddenly the music become…show more content…
A superb example is in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, in which the 5 golden ticket winners with their guardians are walking upon the enormous Wonka Factory. Through this high angle shot, director Tim Burton shows everyone about to come into the factory is powerless and weak against anything that is about to happen. From Edward Scissorhands in one of the very first scenes when Peg is looking at the old scary castle in front of her. A low angle shot is used to present to the audience the Peg even though we can’t see her face is intimidated and feeling threatened by whatever is in the castle. Additionally, when the mob is chasing after Edward in the meadow, a long shot is used to show the gravity of the situation to the audience. In doing this, Burton shows how crazed the people are about getting Edward but also how many people there just are. Also putting an imagination in the mind of the audience who can tell Edward is in fear of his
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