Edward Scissorhands Essay

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Tim Burton shows so many moods and tones in his movies through his cinematic emulation. Some of his movies, such as “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” Burton shows the effect of a more realistic movie where Charlie wanted to sell the ticket for money and not experience a once in a lifetime experience. However, in “Edward Scissorhands”, he conveys a gothic style and tone through the outsider figure. Tim uses the techniques of lighting, sound, and editing to convey the effects of a more gothic and ominous style. First of all, sound is an important concept in any movie. Although there are silent films, sound adds a whole different aspect. Non Diegetic sounds create emotion through what type of music is playing. Deep toned sounds create a bad vibe for villains or bad guys while light, upbeat sounds create good vibes and joy for heroes or good guys. For example, in the movie “Edward Scissorhands,” Director Burton uses Non Diegetic sound in the scene where…show more content…
A flashback is a cut or dissolve that shows something from the past and is used to give further information. In the film, “Edward Scissorhands” Timothy uses a flashback to give more about Edwards past. In this flashback, he reveals a dark secret that no one would ever suspect without it. This reveals that Edward is actually a robot, and that he is not human. Also, the movie “Corpse Bride” had a flashback that revealed how the Corpse Bride became dead and how she didn’t really trust Victor due to her betraying fiancé. This told the audience her background and how she ended up in the world of the dead. Finally, he uses flashback in “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” when Willy Wonka was explaining where he got the Oompa Loompas from. This made both the characters in the movie and the audience understand why there were people working in his factory when he said that he was the only one in there for
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