Edward Scissorhands Tim Burton Style Analysis

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Tim Burton’s style is mysterious, creepy and exciting. In Tim Burton’s movie Edward Scissorhands, the main character Edward, is a mysterious and creepy person. Edward doesn’t understand what it’s like to be around people because all his life he lived alone in a castle, and had no clue idea how to socialize since his creator died and didn’t teach Edward much about the world. Burton uses an invigorating way to express his characters, because they are very diverse, and since they are diverse, it excites people to learn more about these specific characters he creates, such as Edward. The way Burton introduces these characters can intrigue many people to watch his movies. Tim Burton’s brilliance affects the cinematic world because of his sui generis style of editing, sound, and costuming strategies.
Burton’s unique style includes the use of idiosyncratic editing. Burton’s idiosyncratic editing includes his peculiar use of the cinematic technique of dissolving and flashbacks. Burton uses dissolve such as in his 1990 classic, Edward Scissorhands. In Edward Scissorhands Burton aggrandize dissolve, the transition between two images, to illustrate the emotional component in his style. In Edward Scissorhands dissolve is used when Kim is dancing in the snow, then the image is to Edward created an ice sculpture, Burton used this
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In Edward Scissorhands, Tim Burton used costuming as a way to describe a person’s personality and intentions. In the movie, the people who have magnanimous intentions wore bright colors and more conservative clothes. While Edward did not have any intentions of being there, nor did he have a personality, thus he wore neutral colors. His style is peculiar in the movie with clothes and hair. When Edward is cutting hair in the movie he chose very uncommon hairstyles. Yet the characters enjoyed their hair. Therefore, Burton’s costuming style is unexpected, but highly appreciated by
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