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Text 1 discusses if Edward Snowden is a hero or a traitor. It’s a more objective text, that involves both positive and negative aspects of Snowden’s actions. The text is based on contrasting quotations from different people that have a connection with the US government. The article is objective in that way, that the author does not choose to comment on the indrawn quotes. The objective point is seen in the way the writer approached the readers: “Should Snowden be lauded or punished for exposing government surveillance programs?” The chosen quote shows the theme that is through the whole story. It’s also an indicator on the purpose of the article. The article is written to inform and give background information and not to persuade a specific point of view. The article ends with a study of public opinion on the case.…show more content…
He focuses on the aspects on why Snowden’s actions are against the laws of the US government and the contract he has signed at his workplace NSA: “Any government employee or contractor is warned repeatedly that the unauthorized disclosure of classified information is a crime.” By noting this he accuses Snowden of breaking the law he has signed as a government employee. He has not only broken the law, but also put the security of the government at risk: “As a result, all of Snowden’s secrets may wind up in the hands of the Chinese government” This quote indicates, that the leaked information is critical and may have bad consequences if it ends in the wrong hands. By saying “Snowden’s secrets” indicates that there 's more the public does not know about. To empathize that he made the wrong decision he explains what Snowden could have done about the situation bothering him: “they can try to protest within the institutions where they work.” Tobbin points out that Snowden 's reaction was wrong, and that there were other ways he could have

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