Edward Snowden A Hero Analysis

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The text “The NSA Leaker: Traitor or Hero?” was written by Teresa Welsh in 2013 and published on the website of the US News & World Report. - The article tries to settle whether Edward Snowden is the American people’s traitor or hero. As it appears in the article, Snowden sees himself guilty for exposing secret Government documents. - Snowden means that it is the public’s right to know the Government’s secret decisions, including monitoring of private communication within. Beyond that, both American political parties censure Snowden as the leaker. Both Republicans and Democrats see him rather as a traitor than a whistleblower and therefore he should be punished harder. The text “Edward Snowden Is No Hero” was written by Jeffrey Toobin in 2013 and published on the…show more content…
12-14). - Snowden announces his antipathy for a society where the Government watches over people’s action. - Toobin claims that Snowden’s only reason for leaking the Governmental documents was because of egoistic reasons and that his decision could cause damage to the nation. However, it also seems like he blames The Post and The Guardian for publishing the leaked documents. According to Toobin, they also had a finger in the pie. The text “In NSA leaks, Edward Snowden performed a service” was written by Eugene Robinson in 2013 and published on the website of The Washington Post. - Eugene Robinson thanks, Edward Snowden for what he did because without people like him it would not be possible to show the public how they are being monitored. - However, he did not like the way he exposed the information to the public. - Furthermore, Robinson explains that monitoring only should be used when it is about dangers. Robinson, basically, thinks that it does not respect the right to
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