Edward Snowden's Impact On A Peaceful Society

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peaceful resistance positively impacts a free society because they are peaceful and not violent to other people. they wouldn't harm the other resistances because they haven't done anything wrong and they haven't bothered anyone. no one is against anyone else we are all just friendly people nice to other families. We all hangout and have fun and play nice we don't do anything bad or wrong. the letter from the Birmingham jail was for Martin Luther King Jr. peaceful resistance are the most kind people you could possibly know and come to know. Edward Snowden was a good hero everyone loved what he did. he was a good hero. Civil Disobedience is a threat to our society. If people don't want to get big like that they should work out every day and eat…show more content…
A hero is someone that saves someone from something like a firefighter saves people from a fire. a hospital helps people feel better and tries to keep the person alive. A police officer helps protect someone from a bad person that is trying to hurt them. there is lots of danger out in the world. there are some places that are safe and some places that are not. peaceful people don't like drama or fights because they are hurtful and dangerous. if your don't want your kids to turn out bad and violent don't let them play video games at a young age especially the violent shooting games because that is a very harmful thing to do. if parents what their kids to respect them then the parents should respect their own kids as well. some people need to not get so angry over the smallest things because that is really bad for the person's health. stress, anger it is bad if you keep thinking about the most stressful thing ever it is not good for your brain you could make yourself pass out over things like that. people need to stop littering because it can get into the water and hurt the animals or the birds can get to it and choke on it and die or a turtle can get their head caught in the
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