Edward Snowden's Paradoxes Of Whistleblowing

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It is the revelation of Edward Snowden: a complaint of violation of fundamental rights of the human being, or a crime of treason against his own country?
The dissemination of secret information has become common in recent times. Words like WikiLeaks1 have become popular quickly and characters such as Julian Assagne, Bradley Manning or Edward Snowden are recognized all over the world. Manning accused of leaking military and diplomatic documents has been sentenced by a military court to 35 years in prison. Edward Joseph Snowden, US technology consultant, informant, a former employee of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the National Security Agency (NSA), He is the man of the moment, the man who became world news for make public, by The
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One of them, It was written at that time by Richard De George, in his text “Business Ethics”5. A different approach is supported by Michael Davies in his work “Some Paradoxes of Whistleblowing”6 (Appear in the magazine Business and Professional Ethics Journal). David model know as (the theory of complicity)6 lists certain conditions to complete: 1) the disclosure must come from the institution where the agent works, 2) the agent must be a person working in the institution, 3) the organization, being legitimate practical actions that are ethically questionable, 4) the agent believes that he will be accomplice morally unacceptable acts if he doesn’t disclosed publicly. Also Davies consider that, the points 3 and 4 are understood as concrete knowledge, which the Agent considers justified and true (for it must have solid evidence to back their actions). It is important to mention, moreover, that several countries have legislated with varied and disparate impact regard to Whistleblowing in particular as regards the protection of persons that they have put into practice (Whistleblowing Protection Act, US, Public Interest Disclosure, UK and Australia, or the Public Servants Disclosure Protection Act, in Canada)7. In the United States exists the Whistleblowing Protection Act since 2007.In other hand It is prohibited by Espionage Act any disclosure of confidential information from military bodies, security and
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