Edward Taylor From Preface To God's Determination Summary

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Helping someone does not have to use physical touch. Such as, someone's day can brighten up by saying anything positive or doing a positive gesture. At Chick-fil-A there was a self-conscious little girl hunched over her tray of food when out of nowhere someone no one knew sat by her. The little girl’s face brightened up as bright as the sun everyone sees every day. Edward Taylor once wrote a poem “From Preface to God’s Determination,” that anyone can put into perspective on any fast or slow going day. In the poem “From Preface to God’s Determination,” the impeccable Puritan writer Edward Taylor uses important literary elements. Such as, similes which paint a crystal clear picture into the audience’s mind. In Taylor’s writing, he also focuses…show more content…
Tone is the attitude of the writer toward the audience or subject. Tone can be seen through the choice of word or the overall viewpoint. Taylor has the audience contemplating in every section of the poem. There are a total of six sections in the twenty-two line poem. The tone in each section is valuable because it tells a substantial outline of what the writer is making the audience think about. The tone in this poem is the questionability and uncertainty of who made the earth. This whole poem is written up of rhetorical questions, which are not intended to produce question. However, everyone has their own thoughts and ideas about how the earth was made. Such as, in line 22 is says: “Who? who did this? or who is He? Why, know.” The audience can only imagine what Taylor is writing about. However, proof to what you might think is right is that the word He is capitalized. Tone signifies what the writer's attitude is. In the poem “From Preface to God’s Determination,” Edward Taylor uses similes, meter, and tone to add to the poem’s outlook. The impeccable writer Edward Taylor, was one of the most outstanding and exceptional writers of the Puritan era. In the poem, “From Preface to God’s Determination,” there are many interpretations to be told, however, only what oneselves thoughts are the most accurate. While everyone has different beliefs, it all comes down to one question. How is everything
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