Edward Taylor's Beliefs

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Edward Taylor felt strongly in his beliefs of Puritan values and in doing so became a minister of his faith. Before becoming a minister, he believed that he needed to prove his entrance into the religion by expressing his conviction in written form to demonstrate that he was also a “chosen one”. His writings are full of emotion and parities with the bible providing proof of God’s will and love. Taylor wants to show that God is merciful and always the controlling factor in all situations through the Puritan beliefs. The poem "Upon Wedlock and Death of Children" he talks about his love and marriage to his wife and the death of his children. “A Curious Knot God made in Paradise, And drew it out enameled neatly Fresh. It was the True-Love…show more content…
Once married, it was fresh, clean and pure the way it was meant to be in God’s eyes. He demonstrates that the union is forever and cannot be undone by any means and that the couple and God are united forever. The Puritans believed that marriage was acknowledged and uplifted by God and that God did not expect for men to be alone, but should have a companion to live with, to learn from and to help build the church by having children. The Puritans thought marriage should be loving and happy and was viewed as a contract between two people who would agree to love each other, instead of an act accepted by the…show more content…
And while it almost broke him, he prayed and God assured him that his children were in a better place. The Puritans were always afraid of death and scared that they would go to Hell. So, Puritans made every effort to be the best they could be in the optimism that they were one of the Elect chosen by God. But, Taylor knew that he was of the Elect and that his children would ascend to heaven as well. The Puritans viewed death as a blessed relief from the judgments of this world into the blisses of everlasting life. At the same time, the Puritans regarded death as God 's sentence for human transgression, Puritans believed that even the youngest child was affected by original iniquity. He speaks to the Lord and asks him to take as He desires because it is His choice and they are not his children per se, but children bestowed by
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