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Edward Vi was born on October 12, 1537. His Mother Jane Seymour and his Father Henry VIII Tudor. That wasn 't Henry 's first lady, that was his third wife. Jane Seymour was Henry 's third wife after having 2 more wives. Henry had to divorce both of them because they couldn 't provide a baby. Not only a normal baby but a boy. Henry 's biggest wish was to have a baby son, so he could take his reign. After Henry found the right girl to mask his Queen and to have a baby. Jane had Henry 's first and only son. They named their son Edward, Henry 's dream came true to have a son to take his throne after Henry died. His mom died right after he was born, so Edward was put in Margaret Bryans care.After being King of England for 1509 to 1547. Before…show more content…
His time had passed and it was Edward’s time to take control of England. Edward took control of England at a young age of 9 years, in January he took the throne right after his father died. He was a very outgoing person, happy person that really liked the people that surrounded him. “He studied French and geography and military engineering in company with other young nobles. From early 1547 he kept a chronicle of the political and military events of his reign, evidence of his academic ability and ordered thinking.” When Edward took the reign of England he was too young and couldn 't do it by himself. He was still king but he had help from 2 men that helped him and guided him not to make an error. “The first was his uncle, the Duke of Somerset, who became Lord Protector, and for the first two and a half years of Edward’s reign, Somerset advised and guided the young king. Somerset was replaced by the Duke of Northumberland. Both men wanted major changes made to England’s religion.” Edward changed his beliefs by this man 's advice. England and pretty much everyone remembers Edward by the changes that he made to the Religion in England when he was still king. His father Henry, had done something differently but never took it to
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