Edwardo's Case Summary

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To address Edwardo’s concerns the first things is to get a case manager/social worker involved, as discussed in class. This is important because they would be able to coordinate services or find out if there are services available for him. Find out what type of services the jail provides will let us know if it is safe for Edwardo to discharge. Yet, based on experience, most importantly they would be able to connect with case managers at the jail to coordinate services and care. Regarding the language barrier, organizing an interpreter to be present during the discharge process to make sure the patient full understands the material provided. As well as providing any paperwork material in Spanish for the patient to comprehend. A study by Karliner, Perez-Stable and Gregorich (2016), discovered that when interpreters were used for medical care, and most…show more content…
As discussed in class, it would be important to monitor medications because of the possibility of secondary complications from long term medical use; high blood sugar and organ damage or possible complications form medications (Mayo Clinic, 2014). Due to the joint conditions, physical inabilities and delayed developmental stages is another complication that can occur for Tommy. This can lead to psyche determents on the child for not living in that home environment, but constantly being in a medical facility (Falvo, 2013). Now looking at the possible complications for the family. First, there can be some stress and guilt because a child is suffering (Falvo, 2013). From clinical experience, other children in the family are affected heavily with having to give up time with their family because of the focus on the needs of the ill child. This does lead to change in life roles and can cause permanent changes to the family (Falvo,
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