Edwards Letter To Susan Smith

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Young Thomas Edwards was given orders by his strict mother to run to the farmers market and pick up some eggs from their dear friend Charles. On his way down there he notices people complaining all around him. He chose to ignore it; he thought nothing of it. He continued on his way minding his own business. Thomas finally reaches the farmers market which took him a good 20 minutes though the village since he lives on the outskirts of the village. He entered the market area and instantly waved to his good pal James. He started over there but stopped when he heard even more talk on the Stamp Act. Mr. and Mrs. Thompson were talking animatedly with Charles, the man he was going to buy eggs from. “Charles, I agree with you, we should not…show more content…
Thank you for the time,” Said Thomas nodding his head. “Bye Thomas, take care.” Thomas continued on his way down the path and finally reached home. He walked into the house and heard his parents talking about the plans for the next day. They were saying that there will be a meeting at the Liberty Tree in Boston discussing the next step the colonists will take towards the stamp act. “I believe we should rebel against the British, get it over with and declare our freedom,” suggested Father. “I don’t know, I agree with you and I do not.” Said Mother. Thomas decided to make himself known and join the conversation. “Mother, Father, what is going on?” he asked. “Oh Thomas, I did not know you were home, did you get the eggs I sent you for? I am going to make a pie for Mr. Henry for all of his kind deeds he has done for the colonists.” said his mother. “Yes, Thomas, hello. It is getting late, go on up to bed, it is time for you to sleep.” said Thomas’ father. “Yes, I will see you in the morning.” said Thomas glumly, not getting to listen in on the conversation any longer. The next morning Thomas awoke and did nothing till the afternoon. That afternoon he found out what happened at the liberty tree, a
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