Edwards Speech In The Great Awakening

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1. Edwards’ speech took place during “The Great Awakening.” The Great
Awakening was a period of time when religion was put to the forefront; especially protestantism.
2. Edwards’ meaning of “Natural Men” is men who are born once once or born naturally. His primary audience is “natural men,” by this he is apply emphasis that all natural men must follow God.
3. I think the meaning of “abate” is to lesson something of to make something calmer. 4. Edwards uses this repetitive structure to emphasize his point. The use of repetition puts the message into the reader’s head.
5. The purpose that the clause serves in the sentence is to create imagery so therefore the reader can visualize the “burning brimstone lake.” Another example of an appositive
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Throughout the entire speech, Edward uses pathos. Pathos is when you
persuade someone with the use of emotions. He consistently uses figurative language to trigger the audience's emotions.
11. In the speech, Edwards’ tone appears to be harsh and demanding. His tone remains constant because in every paragraph he refers back to his main point which is to follow God and if not, to fear his wrath.
12. The text contains many commas and semicolons. When reading the speech, it does not make sense but when hearing the speech, it can be understandable on why Edwards used many commas and semicolons.
13. His text is persuasive because Edwards is trying to convince the audience to follow God and to not commit sins. This is effective because during the time period, religion was one of the main concerns. A persuasive text, in my opinion, would be one that convinces the audience to do what the reading intends.
14. Some parts of the sermon that i believe would have made the audience speak out would be when Edwards mentioned that the Puritans are all evil and for the
Puritans the message went over their heads and it filled them with laughter.
15. This is a powerful image because it displays good vs. evil. The two moralities are in a constant duel with each
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