Edwin Arlington Robinson Richard Cory Analysis

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Edwin Arlington Robinson 1869–1935
Robinson 's "Richard Cory" Edwin Arlington Robinson was born on December 22, 1869 in Head Tide. Later than high school, Robinson did study for two years at Harvard University as a special student. And his early poems were released in the Harvard Advocate. Robinson then printed and divulged confidentially his first volume of poetry,The Torrent and the Night Before, in 1896; this selection was largely improved and released in 1897 as The Children of the Night. In 1902 he publicized the Captain Craig and Other Poems. This selection earned mere attention until President Theodore Roosevelt addressed a magazine article admiring the piece and Robinson. He, therefore,
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In this specific selection, it emphasizes the story of a rich man with a immobile life, or a hole between facade and reality. The poem develops by any means the occurence of irony of all its exaggeration relatively to the end. Also hyperbole which is used as an overstatement of words that must not be taken literally, as for the line eight. The approach used is Formalistic, since it defines the structure of tragedy. In The Poetics, the Greek Philosopher, Aristotle, once wrote that the tragic ideal was basically an aristocrat individual who, anyhow, embodied a glitch in appearance that caused him to be ruin from a high facet to a low…show more content…
(E. A. Robinson)
The poem justifies that life seems difficult for every one. There 's Cory who has already everything but ends his life. In contrast, the townspeople who wished to become like him, who worked to live, used spiritual aspect to survive and gave sense to their lives. Cory who was "richer than a king" have no real surrounding which made him total loner. The night that Richard Cory decided to end his life, was the night that was totally filled with loneliness.
The author was trying to make sense to the readers. People 's blindness of the truth and the things they see which makes them envious: the materials, wealth and values. Besides, they forgot the real essence of what they keep them alive: the social wholeness. It only suggests that there 's a huge barrier between reality and appearance. For this ironic poem, it shows that appearances does not always reveal the real image of man 's inside entity which means that Richard Cory is nor a lord neither an idol but a
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