Edwin Hubble Telescope

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The telescope is named after Edwin Hubble, who discovered that there are more galaxies in the universe other than the Milky Way. He also discovered that galaxies are moving away from us and that the farther away they are, the faster they are moving. Edwin Powell Hubble was born in Missouri in 1889. He moved to Chicago 9 years later. He graduated from high school in 1906 with a scholarship to the University of Chicago and graduated from the University with a degree in Mathematics and Astronomy in 1910. With athletic and academic abilities, he got a Rhodes scholarship to Oxford. There he studied Roman and English law. When he came back to the United States in 1913, he was hired by New Albany High School (New Albany, Indiana) to teach Spanish, Physics and…show more content…
In October 1923 Hubble spotted what he first believed was a nova star flaring up in the M31 nebula. After examining several photos of the area, he realized that it was a Cepheid star. Using Shapley’s method, Hubble placed M31 a million light-years away. Discovering this, Hubble realized that there are more galaxies other than ours. This discovery is often referred to as the discovery of the universe and cosmos. After his discovery, Hubble started to classify all known nebulae by their velocity. In 1929, Hubble found that all galaxies seemed to be moving away from us; and that the farther distance they are from us, the faster they are moving away. This discovery showed that the universe is expanding, supporting Einstein 's equations that showed of an expanding universe, made a decade before Hubble’s discovery. In the summer of 1942, Hubble left to serve in World War II. In 1946, he was awarded the Medal of Merit. His last contribution to astronomy was that he helped with the design and construction of the hale 200-inch telescope on Palomar Mountain. In 1949, he was honoured to be the first to use the
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