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Edwin Markham Elementary was founded in the year 1965. With the housing boom of the 1960s, the surrounding neighborhood needed a school. The school was named for the accomplished poet, Edwin Markham. Edwin Markham is most recognized for The Man With the Hoe and Other Poems published in 1899. In the beginning, Markham was known as the Markham Mustangs. Today, the school’s mascot is a Timberwolf. When the mascot was changed, the staff also decided change the colors. The green and gold colors of the past Mustangs were traded for the teal, black, and white colors of the present Timberwolves. The curriculum was also updated with the introduction of the S.P.I.C.E. Program (Spanish Immersion Cultural Education). The S.P.I.C.E. program makes Edwin Markham Elementary a culturally diverse school. With the start of the Waldorf Educational System in the 1990s, Markham elected to incorporate this program with the introduction of A.C.E. (Alternative Cooperative Education). Markham’s traditional program, R.E.A.C.C.Ch. (Raising Educational Achievement for College and Career bound Children), focuses on encouraging children to do their best. Due to conflicts between programs, the A.C.E program moved to Hemlock…show more content…
This is my fourth year. I didn’t pick this school because I wanted to continue my streak. I picked this project because I wanted to do what scares me. Before this, I had only worked with kids older than the age of nine. I am uncomfortable with little kids. Working with Mrs. Horsley and her first graders made realize that little kids are not that bad. Normally, I shy away from loud crowds of people. These kids were something else. The first graders were loud, but they were a good loud. They were happy. I learned to smile more. Doing the Markham Service Learning project, I learned that it is okay to be loud. I learned to have more patience when helping others up off the ground. I learned to be a better

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