Eee 370 Post-Mortem Assignment Analysis

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EEE 370 Post-Mortem Assignment: A Reflection of Help My Profile As the end of spring semester in my freshman year approached, I looked towards my schedule in the fall and noticed that the first class I had to take towards my Finance minor was EEE 370. After speaking with multiple people about the class, it seemed like the perfect situation for me to further explore how my major could be applied to the real world. After going on a five-day immersion trip with the iSchool to various start-ups in New York City’s “Silicon Alley”, I developed an interest in entrepreneurship. To be accepted for the trip, we had to present a video on a start-up that interested you. I chose to write about Kickstarter, as its drive for successfully promoting start-ups…show more content…
Because our end business idea was to promote the activity and brand of small businesses, we could’ve actually worked with a restaurant that was looking to compete for revenue from college students here at Syracuse University. Personally speaking, but I believe that others may do this too, often at times when we are walking to the more recognized places on Marshall Street like Chipotle, Acropolis, or Varsity, we can sometimes figure about the smaller restaurants like King David or Panda West. A use case of this is Royal Indian Grill. In the place of where M-Street Pizza was, Royal Indian Grill opened at the beginning of September to provide Syracuse University students with delicious Indian food that wasn’t that expensive. Working with Royal Indian Grill to improve their presence on campus and social media presence could have been extremely unique and beneficial for us. It would also be a very unique experience, working in a campus ambassador role for a restaurant on Marshall Street. On top of that, we could actually get more reliable survey info, as we’d be directly speaking to students about the new restaurant and hearing their opinions or even if they knew it

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