Eeoc Civil Rights Act Of 1964 Essay

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There is so much history that surrounds this act. The EEOC was the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and on July 2nd 1964,was the day that was marked as the day that Congress created the EEOC to give life to Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. This act was to become effective exactly one year later. There were so many different situations, and circumstances that were happening during this time. These times were very reckless times, there were so much hate, racism, happening during this time. The EEOC was brought about by President John F Kennedy but was actually signed by President Lydon Baines Johnson due to President Kennedy 's assassination. July 1965 was when the EEOC opened its doors. Whiched marked exactly one year after…show more content…
All EEOC employees were safely evacuated . The EEOC intensified its outreach and createrd fact sheets on immigrant employees rights, ( and on discrimination based on religion, ethnicity, orcountry of origin. (

In July EEOC will post a report American Experiences" versus " American Expectations". This will summarizer data on the composition of the American workforce by race, gender, and ethnicity across various jobs. Categories from 1966 when EEOC began collecting the data to the most recent collected information in 2013. The EEOC is an agency that continues to enforce all of our euqalities. They have done a lot over the 50 plus years that they have been effectivie and continue to do for our nation.

The Act of 1964 was an ominbus bill addressing not only the discrimination in employment but also in voting, public accommondations, and education as well. Now adays all though there is still some discrimination happening it is definitly nothing like the way things were all those years ago before the
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