Ef2 Tornado Essay

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Tornadoes are the most violent storm and there dangers are life threating in during a tornado on the path of the tornado after it pass is called a damage path depend on what type of tornadoes for a EF0 tornadoes the damages only do small damage to small trees and branches roofs peeled off on homes and shallow rooted trees toppled down for a EF0 the wind speed is only 65-85 mph and show a small damage path.

Some of the damage of moderate tornadoes like the EF1 has a more significant damage in roofing, window, and exteriors doors and overturn and badly damage mobile homes the wind speed of an EF1 Tornadoes is 86-110 mph.

An EF2 Tornadoes has more considerable damage you mostly see roofs torn off well-constructed homes and move and shifted of their foundation mobile homes are completely destroyed large tree snapped or uprooted cars can be tossed like toys with wind speed in EF2 IS 111-135mph.

But the most severest tornadoes are the EF3 Tornadoes with damages that are unbelievable entire stories of well-constructed homes destroy big significant damage are done to large buildings and homes with weak foundations can be blown away large and small trees begin to break there breaks the wind speed in a EF3 is 136-165mph.

This very close to the most second destructive tornadoes ever a EF4 with wind speed of 166-200mph this is
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In conclusion the most violent tornadoes is the EF5 but all of these tornadoes are still life threating and deadly tornadoes happen every year from Midwest to the west coast to the eastern coast tornadoes can a occur

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