Effect Of Accident In Malaysia

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Cause- effect essay outline I. Introduction A. Hook/Attention setter: Based on the Michigan University research, they stated that Malaysia has 17th most dangerous roads in the world. B. General statement: By the statement or research by the Michigan University, we can assume that Malaysia has record many accidents among vehicles like car or motorcycle. This also proven by statistic of Royal Police Department of vehicles crash on 2011 and 2012. The statistic shows that the road accidents in 2011 is 6877 and increase to 6917 in 2012.So what the cause of the rate of road accident increase in Malaysia? C. Thesis statement: There are many factors that lead to the accidents, one of them is the driver tired during driving, second the driver…show more content…
Topic sentence: One of the factors that increase the rate of accidents is the driver tired during the driving. When the drivers feel tired the driver often fall asleep and cause he or she lose the control and lead to crash. 1.supporting point 1: When the driver fall asleep when driving, surely he will lose the control and the tendency to crash with others is higher. a. Sub supporting point 1: Others than that, when the driver feel fatigue he also cannot focus on driving. Although he not fall asleep he also can crash with others because he lose focus on driving and lead him to lose control to the vehicle. b. Sub supporting point 2: Based on the MIROS investigations, from 2007 until 2010 there are 439 cases that influence by driver tired or fall asleep during driving occurs in road accidents. B. Transition paragraph 1. Summary/Conclusion: Based on all of the investigation and research we can conclude that the driver tired is one of the most factors that contribute increase the road accidents in Malaysia. C. Topic sentence: Others than that, the Malaysia driver also love to drive at high speed and also driving in reckless way. Because of that many drivers lose their control on the road and tend to crash with others…show more content…
D. Transition paragraph 1.Summary/Conclusion: According to all the evidence and the statistic we can say that the drivers in Malaysia love to drive at high speed and this behaviour is the most factor contribute to the increase of rate road accidents in Malaysia. E. Topic sentence: The last one of the factor is the driver often distracted by gadgets and the views when their driving. 1.Supporthing points 1: We often see the driver uses their mobile phone to call or send a text while driving. According to MIROS research shown that the young drivers has the most high numbers that driving while using mobile phone. This show that the new generation of drivers in Malaysia are practicing the dangerous way in driving. 2.supporthing points 2: Others than that, the drivers also sometimes been distracted by a beautiful views because based on Don Norman he says that people love to look beautiful things that why when driver is driving their often been distracted by the views and then lead to crash. F. Transition paragraph: 1.Summary/Conclusion: With all the investigation we can know the dangerous of uses gadget while driving and we also need to be focus when driving and not enjoy the

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