Effect Of Eutrophication On Duckweed

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Our aim of this experiment is to determine how eutrophication affects the growth of duckweed by adding different concentrations of fertilizers to the water with different types and forms of fertilizer keeping it in set conditions for a period of two months to observe how eutrophication affects the growth of duckweed. Thus our hypothesis for this aim is that it is expected that eutrophication would affect the growth of duckweed when different concentrations of fertilizers are added to the water. The reason for studying this aim is that we wish to see how eutrophication affects plant growth in the water even if fertilizers are added to the water.

Literature Review

The research question that we hope to answer is how eutrophication
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Khan and Abide Ali Ansari as its explains how eutrophication can impact plant growth as well as “The Green Kingdom; Encyclopaedia by Child craft page 57relates to our experiment as this page explains exactly how duckweed growths and the certain conditions it grows in.[ Khan. A; Ansari. A.A.; Eutrophication: An Ecological Vision, The Botanical Review, December 2005 , Volume 71, Issue 4][1] [The Green Kingdom ; Encyclopaedia by Child craft Page 57][2] Further more articles such as “How To Grow Duckweed” by Jenny Harrington and “The Charms of Growing Duckweed by John W. Cross were also relevant to our experiment as they both state what fertilizers can be used when growing duckweed and in what different conditions duckweed can be grown in. [Harrington, J. (2013). How To Grow Duckweed. Available: www.ehow.com/garden. Last accessed 26th May 2015][4] [Cross, J.W. (2014). The Charms Of Growing Duckweed. Available: http://www.mobot.org/jwcross/duckweed/growing-duckweed.htm. Last accessed 26th May 2015][5] Moreover the literature used in this experiment was all useful as it explained what factors needed to be taken into account to grow duckweed successfully and this lead to proving our hypothesis that eutrophication affects the growth

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