Fermentation On Foods: Antioxidant Activity

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Effect of fermentation on foods: Antioxidant activity
Prathab Kumar Periyannan Rajeswari

Abstract: In this essay the effect of fermentation on the plant based food products, which has an influence on the antioxidant activity in them is studied. The components present in the food and the various factors that influence the antioxidant properties are analyzed. The effect of various components like micro-organisms, proteins, peptides, pH and temperature are also clearly studied to get a clearer view on this issue. This essay just acts as an overview of the factors.
Plant foods are rich in polyphenolic compounds that are reducing agents, which act in removing the free radicals and also have several properties
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The microbes have effect of the antioxidant property by inducing enzymatic changes in phenolic compounds that may result in the changes in antioxidant activity of the product. For example, the antioxidant activity of Lactobacillus plantarum is high at an optimum temperature of 35ºC and it constantly reduces with the increase in the temperature. It is found that it is reduced by almost 50%, when heated for 5min at 50 ºC (Thavasi et al., 2009). From various studies on effect of temperature on fermentation, it is clear that commonly with increase in temperature there is an increase in the antioxidant activity during fermentation. Other factors like the radical scavenging effect and rate of chemical reactions are also influenced by temperature. But, it is also clear that the effect is not same for all organisms and all processes. Therefore, clearer researches are required on the effects of temperature to obtain optimum…show more content…
It is clear that the increase in antioxidant activity of the product is by maintaining or increasing in the release of the compounds having antioxidant activity. Microbial fermentation helps in the release of antioxidant compounds like aglycone. It also assists the production of antioxidant compounds by preventing the damage of cell walls. This essay also provided the importance of having an optimum fermentation process that can provide naturally produced antioxidant and can have good health benefits. Therefore, it acts as a technology for the future. In future studies, the optimum conditions required for each fermented products need to be studied as it is found that each and every product have their own reaction towards each properties. New methods, techniques, machines, compounds and products can be produced by studies in this field by varying the factors like microorganisms involved, atmospheric conditions, growing condition and medium of

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