Effect Of Literature On Literature

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1.1 Background of The Study
Literature is one of the interesting subjects to be studied. A person or an author could express their feelings by literature. There are some definitions of Literature that could make the readers easily to understand about literature. According to Klarer (2004:1) that in most cases, literature is referred to as the entirety of written expression, with the restriction that not every written document can be categorized as literature in the more exact sense of the word. The definitions, therefore, usually include additional adjectives such as aesthetic or artistic to distinguish literary works from texts such as newspapers, scientific textbooks, magazines, legal documents, brochures, and so on. Hamlyn (1998) stated that literature in the word originally meant all written language. More formally, literature is defined, according to one dictionary, as writing in which expression and form, in connection with ideas of permanent and universal interest, are characteristic or essential features, as poetry, romance, history, biography, essay etc. Not all good books are literature, but all literature is good, interesting, significant and well written.
Based on those definitions above the researcher gives understanding that the literature is more than writing. It has a soul. The soul in the literature is the author’s ideas. The author’s ideas can form the readers’ mindset. The author can make the literature as entertainment, as the
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