Effect Of Social Media Essay

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Social Media and Its Effect

Social media are technologies that give us a place for communicate, sharing information, keep update, and get new friends or relation. Social media offer many benefit. however, there will always be a negative impact between positive impacts. Beside its advantages, social media also have many weaknesses and disadvantages. Because, social media are very susceptible and very easy to misuse it.
One of the negative effect and most often happened on social media is cyber bullying. Cyber bullying is a situation or condition in which a person is cornered because of his/her action and deeds. Cyber bullying can caused stress until depression for the victim. As example, someone who had been bullied from the social media will
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For example, we can easiest apply on job application by sending email or social media that provided by the company. We also can sending photos or videos to our family or relative that far from us by using social media. It because of social media offers us to communicate by them using chat, call, and video call.
From social media, we also can get new friends or relation. It is very easy, so many people decide to having friends on social media. We also can have foreigner or overseas friends. So, we can learn about their country, their language, and their tradition. The conclusion is, we can increase our knowledge about another country by using social media.
The last positive side by using social media especially for students, is learning from social media. There is many study media on social media. The example are quipper video or ruang guru. They often post information about lesson material for test or daily practice in their social media accounts and we can easily access it just by following their social media accounts.
So, social media is not always about it negative effects. It is also offer us more positive side and advantages if we use it wisely. Use it as much as possible in a positive way, and we will get the positive
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