Effective Classroom Management: The Importance Of Classroom Management

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CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION Overview This research is concerned with setting classroom management in the first two weeks of the school year in kg1 class. To be able to decide on the best effective classroom management strategies kg1 teachers should use in order to facilitate effective teaching and learning, important facts will be discussed and different aspects will be considered in this research. This research will be divided into the following chapters. Chapter one is the introduction that consists of the background, significance of the study, purpose of the study, and the research questions. Chapter two is the literature review that highlights the importance of classroom management in kg1 class, and introduces two components of classroom management…show more content…
Classroom management refers to the wide variety of skills and techniques that teachers use to keep students organized, orderly, focused, attentive, on task, and academically productive in class. Researches that were carried out over the past years tell us that the teacher is the most important factor affecting the student achievement. Teachers play various roles in the classroom, but the most important one is that of classroom manager. In classrooms where students are disrespectful, and no rules to guide behavior, chaos becomes the norm, and consequently both the teacher and the student suffer. In contrast, well-managed and well-organized classrooms provide an environment conducive to teaching and learning. A well-managed classroom needs a great effort from the part of the teacher to…show more content…
The research will discuss the two components of effective classroom management: (1) the rules and procedures, and (2) the teacher-student relationship. The purpose of highlighting these two components is to show to what extent setting effective rules and procedures from the beginning of the school year can facilitate teaching and produce powerful gains in student learning. In addition to the importance of building teacher-student relationship that ensures a positive learning environment in class. Purpose of the study Marzano (2003) stated that effective instructional strategies and good classroom curriculum design are built on the foundation of effective classroom management. Therefore, poor class management can waste class time, reduce students’ time on task, and lessen the quality of the learning environment. The purpose of this research is to make the kg1 teachers aware of the importance of setting classroom management from the beginning of the school year in helping them reaching their teaching objectives smoothly, and facilitating students’ learning. Significance of the
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