Effective Communication: 7 Elements Of Persuasive Communication

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1.0 Introduction Communication is a process for sending and receiving information, which results in between two people or some of the target audience. Communication is a daily practice for everyone, because everyone has something to share, listen and learn. Communication often occurs for the purpose of conveying and sharing information, exchange of opinions, and to obtain feedback from a person. Some individuals communicate with the purpose of influencing and understanding others. However, the problems that often occur when communicating are the attitude of a person who is incapable of understanding what others are trying to convey, either through the language used or the body language shown. It is also due to differences in thought that…show more content…
Each of these elements is complementary and closely related to each other. 2.1 Target According to Oxford Dictionary, target audience is a particular group at which a product such as a film or advertisement is aimed. Persuasion is a liaison between audience and advertisement. Persuasion is one of the methods used to capture the attention of the target audience to the message they want to convey. It is important for a speaker to know their target audience so as to facilitate their acceptance of the message, and neatly prepared can be made in advance and organized. The targeted audience can facilitate the process of delivering information as well as the quantity to distribute the materials (if…show more content…
Ethos, as in Aristotle's Modes of Persuasion refers to the credibility of a speaker and includes three dimensions - competence, trustworthiness, and dynamism. It also refers to the effort to convince the audience through credibility or character. Before convincing the audience to accept what the speaker would say, they should first accept the speaker. The dislike nature of a speaker is one of the barriers to the message from being delivered perfectly. Knowing Ethos dynamism allows one to build a reputation as an effective speaker, either in some performances or for everyone to follow. This can be influenced by the way the speaker is introduced, how he dressed, how he brought himself, and the use of body language technique. An individual should investigate all sources of information obtained in terms of authority and

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