Effective Communication Case Study

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Communication can come in three forms; verbal, non-verbal and graphic. Effective communications take responsibility for their actions, are factually correct and accurate (Dwyer, et al., 2016). Any information that is transferred through effective communication is encoded and sent to at least one other person to decode. Meaning is taken from this message as the receiver understands what is being conveyed (Dwyer, et al., 2016)
The successful communication experience that was encountered was the resignation of a job, where both parties communicated in a positive way, where various communication barriers were overcome.
The incident started off with the employee knocking on the door of the mangers office, waiting for the invitation to come in. This was usually portrayed through a simple “come in!”. As the employee enters in the office, proceedings had begun with a formal handshake and simple “Hi, thank you for seeing me today, how are you?”. The employee sits down and proceeds to explain their resignation. Emphasising the positive experience, they have incurred, “thank you for the experience you have given me, I will benefit greatly from the time I have spent with you; however, it is time for me to move on and transition into a new stage in my career path”. The manager responds positivity to this “it was excellent having your services over the past two years, and you will be missed”. The employee then hands over their formal, written, letter of resignation, with both the manager

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