Effective Communication In Communication

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Communication is the important thing to interact with other people. It can be done with others by virtual which means interact using telephone or using social media and it can be done by directly meet the person. Usually, people more likely meet the person directly in order to get further information or certain message of what they are talking about so they can understand clearly and when they do a conversation they will communicate to each other. Based on Oxford Dictionary (Hornby, 2010: 320), conversation is an informal talk involving a small group of people or only two. To have a smooth conversation, the speaker must deliver the message clearly to the listener. They sometime use utterance to extend the message. If the speakers use the improper utterance to the listener, the listener will not understand of what the speakers are talking about and it will make a misunderstanding to the listener. For that reason, the speakers always try to convey their utterance clearly, relevant to the context, and easy to understand, solid and concise and always straight forward so the conversation will run smoothly. Moreover, if there are any violation, there are certain implicates which want to reach by the speaker and if there are no implicate so the speaker are not cooperatively in doing conversation. For further information, implicature is a technical term in the pragmatics subfield of linguistics, coined by H.P. Grice, which refers to what is suggested in an utterance, even though
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