Role Of Coordination In Healthcare

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EFFECTIVE COORDINATION OF ACTIVITIES OF THE HOSPITAL TO IMPROVE PATIENT’S CARE SIGNIFICANCE OF THE CONCEPT Coordination is one of the management functions and it is defined by Merriam Webster dictionary as the process of organizing people or groups so that they work together properly and well. It could also be defined as the process of organizing the various elements of a complex whole to function accurately and efficiently. Coordination in any organization is very vital as organization and also helps to maintain and ensure efficient operations in every department through effective communication and supervision. Any organization without co-ordination amounts to just an experience which may or may not impact positively on the staff, it is important…show more content…
The patient centred approach becomes very important and well understand by all team members to bring about effective care. APPLICATION OF THE CONCEPT TO CURRENT JOB The function of coordination cannot be overemphasized in a hospital setting. For an effective patient’s care the hospital have to be well coordinated and organized to provide the necessary facilities and personnel required. Patient’s care is classified based on unit, there are specialist clinics to care for specific cases such as Ear, Nose and Throat clinic, Ophthalmology clinic, Urology Clinic etc. Nurses are at the fore front of coordination in the area of patient care, the contribution of registered nurses to patient care coordination have been an integral part of the nursing profession. As a nurse we are saddled with the responsibility of planning care, guiding the patient and families through the process of care, educating them at discharge from acute care and always doing their best to improve the continuity of patient’s care through all settings and care…show more content…
In the hospital the nurses are at the fore front of coordination and can easily classify the workers into the various teams that suit them. The various departments in the hospital have to work together in harmony to be able to meet the patient’s needs, making sure all resources are put in place for effective care of the patients and functioning of the hospital. Health care team members include the nurses, doctors, dietician, laboratory scientists, radiographers etc. all these personnel have to work together harmoniously in order to provide an effective care. Communication is a core aspect of coordination, lack of communication between the team members can lead to disjointed work and uncoordinated ideas, as each person goes to act separately without communicating with other team members to get their

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