Effective Effects Of Environmental Pollution

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Environmental Pollution

Mahatma Gandhi once said “Earth provides enough to satisfy every man's needs, but not every man's greed”. One is responsible for the earth that lives inside it by protecting it in any way. In the past, there was no instrument which damages the environment. People were using everything natural and useful. Unlike the past, people are creating chemicals materials which benefit and damage the environment at the same time. The noise, air, and water pollution cause many problems for human and animals. Effects of environmental pollution are grouped into three headings: health issues, landscape harm, and animal's death.

Any unpleasant sound that our ears have not been built to mesh can affect people's health and lead
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To illustrate, air pollution is a jumble of solid elements and gases in the air, it caused by car emissions, chemicals from factories, dust, pollen, and mold bacteria. However, ozone and gas is a major part of air contamination in cities. All of these materials affect the nature in several way and lead to problems for the plants and trees. During the burning of fossil fuels, harmful gases like nitrogen oxides and sulfur oxides are liberated into the atmosphere. When it rains, the water droplets integrate with these air pollutants, so it becomes acidic and then drops on the ground in the shape of acid rain ("Environmental pollution," n.d.). Therefore, acid rain causes great harm for greens and crops. The greens and crops are damaged leads to lower production, increase poverty, and provide lung problems. Dropping the sales in the supermarkets and reducing the gain happened by lower production of crops. Consequently, that causes poverty by having no food to people eat. Moreover, human's lung are damaged due to the destroying of the process between man and trees which is one breath the oxygen that the greens eject it and greens breath CO2 that one eject…show more content…
The pollutants that discharge directly or indirectly into water bodies without sufficient treatment to remove harmful mixtures are called water pollution ("Environmental pollution," n.d.). The lives of animals are disturbed by human activities that contaminate the soil. Environmental contamination kills the fish and insects, which leads them to extinction. To explain, Pesticides are a source of pollution, agriculturalists use pesticides to prevent insects from eating crops. Pesticides stay in harvests, wild plants eaten by herbivores, and insects. As a result, animals which eat herbivores become high attention from these chemicals in their method, and the chemicals can disorder physical purposes like reproduction in these creatures. That’s why, environmental extinct the animals. In fact, the extinction of one of the animals leads to extinction serial and consecutive because animals are chain that let them feed on each other, so if one of the animal gone, there will not be animals feed on each other. Therefore, that will cause death for all the animals and will end animals on the earth which affect the human

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