Effective Hand Washing Hands In Childcare

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*Effective hand washing- Washing hands are very important in childcare for the children and staff, as it’s the most effective way to stop the spread germs. By washing your hands with soap and water removes both dirt and germs from the hands preventing the transmission of disease. Hand drying is just as important as washing, drying your hands thoroughly as it also helps remove any germs that may have not been rinsed off. Its also a good idea to place an alcohol based hand rub at the entrance of the childcare centres, by the doors of each room and in staff room, its also a good reminder to get parents to have clean hands when they enter the centre or child’s room. (http://www.nhmrc.gov.au, Page 11,2012) *Exclusion of ill children, educators and staff- excluding ill children, staff and educators is an effective way to limit the spread of infection in childcare services. Giving clear policy to all parents and staff explaining why the centre has an exclusion policy will prevent any conflicts in the future. The policy would state that all children unwell with contagious disease or illness should be excluded from the centre until they get the all clear from doctor and provide a doctors certificate. Also encouraging parents to teach their children the importance of hygiene by using the same routine that the child uses at childcare. If a child…show more content…
Detergent will get the dirt and germs deep into the surface, cleaning with water after washes away the loosed germs then by drying the surface after it makes germs harder to survive or grow. Disinfectants can be used after the detergent and water if there has been an outbreak of such disease 's of gastro or hand foot and mouth. Disinfectant will not kill germs if the surface has not been cleaned first with disinfectant and water (http://www.nhmrc.gov.au, Page26,

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