Effective Investigator

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Please introduce yourself. Explain what qualities you have that are considered to be characteristics of an effective investigator (Refer to chapter 1 for some of those characteristics). Also comment on qualities needing improvement in regards to investigations. How will you work to improve those areas prior to the end of this class? Investigators are integral members of the criminal justice system in which they are agents of truth and justice. Thus, these individuals must possess an advanced skillset and level of competency that can allow them to perform effectively in this profession. I believe that I retain some of the traits of an effective investigator which would provide me with valuable assistance when working a case. First, a key characteristic of an effective investigator…show more content…
Orthmann & Hess (2013) “The mental process involved in investigation is extremely complex. Logic is indispensable and often involves reverse thinking, that is, working the case backward” (p. 12). I believe that my academic career as a criminal justice major has helped me to improve upon this area. For example, for one class I was tasked to devise a contingency plan in the event a disaster took place in my home town. I was unfamiliar with how to manage and mobilize resources following the occurrence of an emergency; however, I was able to examine the various facets of the problem and compile the necessary facts which aided me in formulating a logical solution. Moreover, it is imperative that an investigator is self-disciplined as well as proficient in regards to time management (Orthmann & Hess, 2013, p. 13). Once more, my experience as a student has maximized my suitability as
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