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THE PURPOSE AND PRACTICAL BENEFITS OF DEVELOPING AN EFFECTIVE JOB SEARCH PLAN: The purpose of developing an effective job search plan is to have guidelines. The best benefit when I have an effective job search plan in hand is that I have a road map to take further steps to reach my ultimate goal of getting a good job. Finding a job is hard work, it is a job in itself. When I have a proper job search plan, I can set goals and also determine measurable where I can make certain measures to check things like jobs applied for, interview due dates, etc. I will also need to set schedules for my work besides gathering resources. A good plan will also make it easy to adjust often, where I can switch strategies and try different avenues towards employment. This will help me organize my referees, worksheets, mark sheets, awards, etc. Last, but not the least, I can hold myself accountable and identify my progress…show more content…
Start contacting my references and search for jobs vacancy with my past employers, if any, and also apply through online portals.

This is one exercise which is a must do - to discuss with my friends and team members about the plus and minus points of each one of us. This exercise will help one to understand the strengths and weaknesses of my friends and team members, in turn this will help me to identify my own strengths/weaknesses and adopt any other good point and discard any minus points that I may have. The very fact that I am able to identify my strengths/weaknesses, remove my weaknesses and add new strengths gives a boost to my self-confidence. Self-awareness exercises help us to act consciously instead of reacting to people in a hurry. It makes us behave positively instead of creating additional obstacles. When I monitor my self-talk, I can pay attention to the way I respond to success and failures because being tough needs to be balanced with self-

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