Adaptive Leadership Style Analysis

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Leader plays an important role in delivering the responsibility rather than the focused on the authority and command when dealing with the employees. Leaders attitudes, behaviors, characteristics and skills might contribute to the good leadership style in the organization as mention by( Abd Rahman et al , 2013). The leaders should have the capability to operate with integrity, honest, efficiently and communicate clearly with the employee to make sure both side achieving the goal and objective of the company, (Mosadeghrad, 2003). Effective and efficient leadership style might contribute to the success in completing task given, leadership style leads to employee satisfaction and it is a good indication to prove that a better style might lead…show more content…
According to Bass and his colleagues ‘adaptive leaders work more effectively in rapidly changing environments by helping to make sense of the challenges confronted by both leaders and followers and then appropriately responding to those challenges. Adaptive leaders work with their employee to generate creative solutions to complex problems, while also developing them to handle a broader range of leadership responsibilities. Therefore the leadership style may have an impact on employee job satisfaction. The effects of leadership on employee job satisfaction also important because leadership is viewed by some researcher as on of the key driving forces for improving a firm performance. Effective leadership is seen as major source of management to sustained competitive advantage for organization performance improvement according to (Avolio, 1999; lado, Boyd and Wright, 1992; Rowe, 2001). According to Yukl (1989) most of leadership definition describe it as the idea of guiding followers to their goals while specifically, leadership is hard to understand but easy to perceive human activities. According (Smith, 2000 in Marn 2012) stated that “leadership is the process or activity of influencing an individual or group in effort towards…show more content…
As mentions by (Stogdill, 1957 and Fry, 2003 in Timothy C, Victory O and Idowu A, 2013) leadership as the individual behavior to guide a group to achieve the common target and leadership also use strategy to offer inspiring motive and to enhance the employee potential for growth and development. The relationship between leadership style and employee job satisfaction will improve the organization face these new challenges in future. Refer to (Humayun et al 2015) mentions that leader or leadership styles use the behavior and techniques to give vision and roadmap to reach the vision, formulations and executions of strategies and plan is called leadership style. Leadership is all about the practices on envisioning, enabling and energizing the employee (Rad, 2006 in Maqsood, 2013) leadership is a procedure to influence people in order to achieve the desired result. Employee is the asset of the organization in order to become successful and innovative to organization, Theories of leadership can be transformational or transactional, leadership styles Burns (1979) said that transformational and transactional leadership are both based on

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