Reflection On Leadership Styles Assessment

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Leadership Assessment According to the Leadership Styles Assessment, it is apparent that I possess an inclusive mixed style of management (Rockhurst, n.d.). The assessment confirms that my methods of leadership are visionary and coaching. Comparably, I agree with the outcome of the evaluation because, throughout my years of supervising, colleagues have described me as a person who possesses the ability to direct individuals toward a new direction. I have been the catalyst to draw constituents into vision while engaging my team with empathy and self-confidence. As I embarked upon launching new business endeavors, the coaching style of leadership became more evident and practical in my profession. I perceive these attributes were developed…show more content…
Therefore, I began to attend seminars and workshops to enhance my skills and knowledge to become an effective leader as it was imperative to understand the various types of management evidence. I learned these skills through networking and concentrating on defining emerging issues to enhance new vision and program practices (Renz, 2010). Effective leadership teams consist of members who are willing to explore diversity, trustworthiness, and transparency, self-awareness, and professional competence. I believe that nonprofit organizations are embracing unique positions in an exceptional field and thereby, the need for executive coaching, vision, and leadership development is essential, especially during the planning and implementation process. Moreover, as Nathaniel Calhoun and Darlene Damm (2015) discussed in their article, nonprofit organizations are more likely to harness great benefits and withstand challenging threats if they can position themselves for advancement. Also, in the article, Governing as Leadership, the authors discuss the importance of adopting new approaches to longstanding challenges so to reframe leadership and develop new ideas and practices for…show more content…
Accordingly, not only am I good with vision, but I strive toward transforming action within the team, mainly when conflicts arise. Identified as a coach and visionary leader, networking and establishing good relationships are essential to encouraging others to share ideas and transform conflicts into usable energy. As I delve into new perspectives as an entrepreneur, I continue to learn how vital it is to efficiently offer guidance to team members and provide inspiration when needed. While it has been challenging building a social program that focuses on providing housing for homeless people and mental health counseling, I aim to think critically and involve others for their expertise and clarity. Meaningful dialogue opens opportunities for enhancing resources and a more fruitful innovative direction to gather data and meaningful connections. Again, the two leadership styles; vision and coaching, coincide with each other because they both speak to alleviating old models of management and embrace current practice which results in paramount success. I find that the influence of innovative technology is also a vital aspect of leadership growth (Forbes Coaches Council, 2017). The virtual and social media platform continues to enlarge daily and is highly
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