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The purpose of this paper is to explain what requirements are necessary to be an effective manager during the 21st Century. Being a manager and saying that you know how to manage is totally different. To be able to be a good manager requires hard work and specific traits. The book titled Profile of an Effective Manager explains the real meaning of a “manager” and what he/she does. It explains the multiple responsibilities that a manager has obligations are: setting specific goals, managing instantly changes, communicate with his/her employees, delegation, make specific decisions, time management, motivate and give training. As well, Mark Horstman created a book back in 2016 title The Effective Manager. It focuses on four essential
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Frequently, people consider that being an effective manager is only having the ability to direct a group of individuals by monitoring their work. Therefore, there are more requirements to become a successful manager than just being able to control a group of people’s work. If someone tells you that they know what it takes to be an effective manager. Ask those people these questions: Do you really know what a manager does? What the word “manager” means? What attitude should they have? Or which ones are the essential skill and factors needed for this career?
Everyone knows that managers play the main role in a company. But do you know why managers fail to realize their needing of improvement on their performance? Many people get promoted to be managers after their professional careers. This means that they had a really high performance in their fields. But do they know the skills needed to get the best results from people? No, they are not prepared enough until they learn what is required during the past of the
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Some of those expectations are; staying aware of the big picture, always creating a productive environment for your employees, make decisions on your own, implement new programs and methods and teach effectively. The role of a manager is to set goals, show effective behavior, have the ability of decision-making, time and money management, have communication and meeting skills, motivate and give correct training to others. You should always plan every course of action of the company, learn from previous mistakes, and gain respect from your own team. You should never be afraid of taking a
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