Effective Oral Communication In English Language

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Effective oral communication in English language has become mandatory for academic success at the level of higher education. Students, when they are in the job market, are assessed, evaluated and graded only by their speaking skills. Developing speaking skills is invariably one of the challenges and responsibilities of teachers of English at higher educational institutions. Hence, it is the need of the hour for teachers of English to find out innovative strategies to motivate the students to enhance their speaking skills in English. Counselling is taken as a significant strategy by the researcher to identify the problems and to solve them through motivation of the students to participate in speaking skills development programmes. Having identified…show more content…
Oral communication is an important skill and essential for success at different levels of life, and for one’s career development. Unfortunately in English language classroom, speaking skills have been completely ignored, and emphasis is given on only writing skills for the chief purpose of making the students get through the written examinations. Speaking is a demanding task that involves extremely cognitive processes. In today’s higher education classrooms, heterogeneous environment is a common phenomenon. In such class rooms, only a very few students are able to speak and respond in English. The students are even not participatory in the oral exercises in English. Hence, when students are required to speak, they are unable to exhibit or express even personal information about themselves in English, and they become frustrated and show reluctance to participate in oral communication in English. The main reasons for their frustration and reluctance to take part in speaking activities include lack of motivation, lack of teachers’ understanding of the learner’s level of speaking before the speaking skill training programme, and lack of opportunity for the teachers to use diagnostic tools to find out the entry level problems of the students in speaking skills. Moreover, students rarely speak even in their own vernacular…show more content…
Scholars of psychology from various parts of the world have defined counselling in different ways. Counselling refers to “professional guidance of the individual by the use of standard psychological methods such as collecting case history data using various techniques of personal interview and testing interests and aptitudes” quoted in Britto. Donald A. Biggs(2000) says in psychology, counselling refer to a ‘scientifically respectable’ way of dispensing personal, social and educational information or advice. The investigation, on the impact of Counselling was done on fifty first year undergraduate students at St. Joseph’s College, Tiruchirappalli. The aims and objectives of this initial evaluation were to: • Investigate the researcher’s experience in counselling and his perception of its

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