Effective Teaching And Learning: MAN 2 Model Palu

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Teaching and learning processes are the activities which centered on the teacher and students’ activities in the classroom. The main point in the teaching and learning processes is to guide the students to achieve successful learning goals. The students’ success in learning is influenced by some factors, whether internal or external factor. One of the external factors that greatly affect the success of students’ learning depends on the teachers’ way in managing the teaching and learning activity in the classroom. The teachers are expected to create a creative, interesting and active learning environment to achieve those goals.
An effective learning environment has a significant contribution to gain students’ successful in learning.
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Considering the importance of classroom grouping in the teaching and learning processes, the researcher investigated the employment of classroom grouping at MAN 2 Model Palu. This is an Islamic High School emphasizing its learning process on active, creative, effective, and innovative learning in developing the students’ intellectual and skill. This mission related to School Based Curriculum that promotes student centered learning. The students are expected to be active in each subject, including English. Basically, they are expected to not only learn the concepts and the theories, but also the application of those concepts and theories. The English teacher of MAN 2 Model Palu presents a syllabus for grade XI by separating four skills in teaching. Specifically in the writing skill, the syllabus for the second semester states that the students should express the meanings of the short functional text and simple essay in narrative, spoof and hortatory exposition in daily life context. The English teachers are expected to be able to have a good perspective about grouping in order to facilitate the students’ activeness and creativity in teaching and learning process. This research is conducted to seek a clear description about implementation of classroom grouping during teaching and learning processes of the writing skill and its impact on the students’

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