Seven Characteristics Of Teamwork

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Now you have a well-trained team members, who are creating an environment where everyone contributes and participates in order to promote and nurture a positive and effective working environment. Your team members are flexible enough to adapt cooperative working environments where all goals are achieved through collaboration and social interdependence rather than individualised, competitive goals. Your team is ready to be introduced to their purpose. This purpose will be defined by a mission. Clear and measurable goals will be derived from this mission, and under no circumstances will any goal be achieved without following the mission. Having a superordinate goal beyond professional goals motivates team members to emphasise their similarities…show more content…
During my research I have notices that 7 characteristics stand out. They include a clear purpose, appropriate culture, distinct roles, suitable leadership, relevant members, and adequate…show more content…
When teams are young, and not flexible enough, conflicts will need careful management. When it comes to destructive conflicts, problems have interpersonal basis in work role or organizational basis.
Social relationships
Good relationships between members maintain effective teams. Team members who are emphatic and supportive of their colleagues offer assistance, share information and collaboratively solve problems. According to Kirkman and Rosen (1999) members that meet outside the office and even see friends of their colleagues will be better in sharing information, and will facilitate a better understanding of team tasks and an increased belief in team’s effectiveness.
Performance feedback
All the members of the team and people connected to the team from the outside all demand an accurate and timely feedback about the team’s performance in order to keep up the effectiveness. Hackman (1990) recommended balancing the more traditional individual reward systems with team-based incentives that are contingent upon the whole team’s performance, and emphasise co-operation rather than
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