Effective Use Of Sarcasm In Television Show Psych

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Sarcasm is a form of speech that has many different uses. One could use sarcasm to aide in delivering constructive criticism in order to not sound as harsh. One could also use sarcasm as a form of humor. When used as the latter, it can sometimes be hard to decipher it as it was meant to be-funny. Simply changing ones tone of voice could be the difference between a funny situation and an angry situation. Many television shows use sarcasm as a way to entertain their viewers and to possibly make light of an otherwise dark topic. The television show Psych does an excellent job of incorporating sarcasm in their script to do just that. Shawn Spencer of Santa Barbara, California was raised by his father, a cop, to be extremely detail orientated in order to catch things other people would miss. His father hoped that he would become a cop when he got older. That, however, was not the case. Shawn also has a photographic…show more content…
In almost all cases, when using sarcasm, one is bringing up something that another wishes to forget, such as tripping in front of a large crowd, so it basically is being insulting someone but doing it in a way to make the person think about the insult in a funny way. In the above example of someone tripping, a sarcastic comment to that scenario could possibly be, “walk much?” which is funny because, in most cases, yes, that person does “walk much” therefore it was a stupid, untimely mistake. Sarcasm seems to be a mixture of meanness and wit, which could come off as passive-aggressive. Does the person making these comments really mean what they say? In most cases, probably not. However, that does not stop some people from getting upset by the comments which is another reason why one should not use it often. If someone is thick skinned, like myself, he or she could take the brunt of sarcastic jokes all day and still think they are hilarious. It seems that most people who enjoy sarcasm are the ones that can laugh at
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