Effectiveness And Management: The Impact Of Human Resource Management

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1.1 BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY Today, one of the major problems confronting management in an organization is the most effective way of putting the right persons at the right position. Management should identify and provide for its human resources to accomplish its task. Indeed, organization has to consider the development of ability, skills and knowledge of its employees more than any times (Nolan, 2002). The concept of organizational effectiveness is that organizations, as a social system, give certain resources and means to fulfill its objectives without disabling its means and resources and without placing undue strain upon its members. The means and resources referred to cannot be personal constituents of the organization on who the achievement of effectiveness is based through their increased performance and productivity. The existence of conducive and carefully designed human resources management policies and practices appear inevitable for the attainment of these goals. Human resource development models show that investment in HRD lead to higher individual and organizational performance, Qualified solving individual and organizational problems and organizational commitment (Arif, 2007). Wendel (1973) described human resources as consisting of all individuals engaged in any of the organizations’ activities regardless of their

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